Fear Foods: Tips on How To Relieve Anxiety Around Food

How do I get over anxiety around certain foods? First, know you CAN overcome. Here is what has helped me👇
1️⃣ Take a deep breath. What else is going on that could be increasing this anxiety?
2️⃣ Journal. It’s always deeper than the food. Are you nervous about eating ___ because you believe it will change your body in a way you don’t want?
3️⃣ Ask “What If?” What if your body changes at some point your life? Why would that be so bad? Are you worried that would change your worth?
4️⃣ Is that truth? Is it true that your body and food choices and fitness level dictate your friendships? No. Is it true that those things decide your worth? Nope. Is it true that if your weight changes, you will be less than. No, because you are not your weight. You are not your body. Darling, oh you are SO much more.
5️⃣ Eat the food that makes you nervous in a fun, peaceful environment if you can. Challenge those fears! 👊For example, eat it with some friends when you’re hanging out so you can replace that anxiety with a good, fun experience. Or maybe you want to talk through your feelings during it. You could reach out to a friend you trust who would encourage you or a spouse and ask her or him to eat the food with you. Talk through your feelings and remember not to give up! The more you try, the easier it gets. Trust me! :) If you want some video inspiration, check out Kate Noel and Rebecca Leung YouTube channels for fear food videos where they challenge those fears! These gals will testify that it DOES get easier. ✨

If you want someone to encourage you and aren’t sure who to ask, I would love to encourage you as well as the wonderful women I’m tagging in this photo. Many of them are Registered Dietitians who can work with you to help you navigate your relationship with food to a place of ease. You got this! So, tell me. Who’s going to challenge those fears?!🙋‍♀️