The Dish on Calories

Calories. Whew, what a complicated phenomenon. Why does everything nowadays seem to have numbers next to it? I mean, I hate math so can we not?🙅🏼‍♀️ Real talk, who finds it hard and confusing with those dang numbers right next to all the options?! Like, there are enough decisions I don’t need another aspect to confuse me. ✋
I’ve been there. I’ve been there where I look at something I want then look at the numbers then feel confused then look at another option then the numbers then feel conflicted. 🤨Do I decide based on the numbers or based on what sounds good? 🤷‍♀️
For a while, it was based on numbers. Now, when I look at something, I choose what I want and ignore the numbers. They are just estimates and don’t dictate what my body needs. My body is much more complicated than a math equation💁‍♀️
So, how DO you move past the calories? Maybe you’re wondering if I’m crazy and maybe you’re thinking to yourself that you need to choose the lower calorie option unless something “bad” will happen. I want to tell you that’s not the truth. 🙅🏼‍♀️
Your body knows how to deal with all calories, calories are not accurate (who knows what’s actually the amount. We never can literally know.) ✨When I was deciding on this smoothie, there were sooo many options and then I noticed the numbers. Instead of letting my fear dictate my choice, I did what is best for my body. I...

•reminded myself that calories are an estimate •reminded myself that my body knows what to do with calories

•reminded myself that calories are just energy and I WANT energy!

•remembered the gas tank you ever go to the gas station with the motive to get the least amount of gas possible without stalling out? Nope, that would be unhealthy for your car and very stressful on your car. So, you fill up until you need gas next. It’s like that with our bodies and food!

•Whatever sounds best is going to fuel my body and my mind. My body will convert it into ENERGY which is what I want in the first place.

•Sometimes it’s helpful to deliberately NOT choose the lowest calorie option just to remind yourself that calories do NOT rule over you.🙌 That’s what I did here. What helps you decide?