I Found this Love Letter

I wrote this letter to myself when I was in treatment at Center for Discovery Houston and I thought it might be helpful to some of you. Feel free to replace some parts with words that apply to you. For example, I know you have talked before about how you feel (insert negative self talk here). Who you are does not rely on (insert where you find happiness or identity). You are so (insert positive qualities about your personality and heart/maybe what others compliment you on—things that are NOT external). Anyway, read on…

I know you have talked before about how you feel inadequate, unworthy, and like a failure.  However, you are beautiful, worthy, and adequate/competent. You have the love of Christ and His power inside of you.  Don't forget that.  It's so easy to look at ourselves from a negative (and discouraging) perspective, but that's just not accurate, fair, or helpful.

When you were most critical of yourself, you drove yourself to near death.  I look at you and see the loving, beautiful, inside and out person that you are.

You are so compassionate and encouraging to others.  You exude Christ's love to others, and have a big heart.  Rather than being so critical of yourself and going to ultimate negativity, accept the situation and yourself and move on.

Who you are does not rely on the amount of roles you book, how you look or what your weight is, how much money you make or have, your grades or college, or how many boys like you or what people think about you.  The Creator of the Universe looks on you lovingly and isn't even critical to you and He's perfect so why would you need to?

You are fully and perfectly loved in Christ just as Christ created you.