Weekend in New York City

A couple weekends ago, I went to visit my sister in New York City.

My bucket list consisted mainly of coffee shops and restaurants that I wanted to visit along with a Broadway show.


I arrived on Thursday after a pretty non-eventful travel morning.  (Praises for that!)

P.S. Traveling or sitting for an extended period of time is not an excuse to ignore your body or to not feed it. Our bodies are constantly working hard no matter how much activity we do and it is vital that we fuel them. :) Here were some of my airplane eats! A large latte and overnight oats…expensive but worth it to fuel my body! :)




We knew we wanted to see a show, but we weren’t dead set on a certain one.  We narrowed it down to Waitress, which is closing soon, or Aladdin.  We decided to go with Aladdin because Disney can really do no wrong.  


It was heart-warming, funny, and completely entertaining. The effects were magnificent and the story was beautifully-shared.

If you find yourself in NYC, I highly recommend it.  It is definitely underrated.


I had seen many Instas about the MET for years and especially lately with the new CAMP exhibit.  So, I knew I wanted to visit and check it off the iconic sites that I wanted to see.

Real talk, it was such a beautiful reminder to see art with women in fuller figure bodies. It reminded me that we did not always have this unrealistic, uber-skinny beauty standard that we do see now. Earlier, women’s bodies were seen as beautiful with tummies and more to love! I hope our world can continue to grow in that area by seeing all bodies as beautiful and not idolizing unrealistic, often underweight models.


It was really fun to walk around and see all the incredible art from all around the world and the CAMP exhibit was really interesting!  I had no clue how much history went into the theme and it was so fun to see all the different fashion pieces.

Plus, it had AC and we were in desperate need of that.  NYC was in a major heat wave and let’s just say that I had some sweat marks on my outfit as I walked up the MET stairs…ya, not super movie-like. ;)

me and my sis on the steps of the MET!

me and my sis on the steps of the MET!


Of course, when in New York, you gotta get a New-York style homemade bagel. So, I did just that!  I got mine with cream cheese and eggs and it was perfection.  The bagel was perfectly fresh and delicious and I’m already missing that.  I love me some HEB, but NYC bagels can’t compare.

bagel, cream cheese, eggs…what a combo!

bagel, cream cheese, eggs…what a combo!


The main reason why I came here was to see my sister and my mom and spend time with the people the I love.  Other fun parts I just listed above were for sure highlights but the people made it!  


An important aspect that I cannot help but point out is that the food was not the center piece.  Of course, New York is known for its pizza and bagels and we 100% had those and enjoyed them.  However, that was not the focus.  In the past, I would have obsessed over the food, and either made it a “cheat weekend” and had a “now or never mindset” which is never enjoyable but is more pressure-filled and anxiety-provoking. 


I am not bad for eating pizza, cookies, and bagels.  Actually, now that I think about it, that was one day’s eats.  Bagels then cookies then pizza then cookies.  And guess what, I am ALIVE AND THRIVING BY BAGELS, COOKIES, AND PIZZA. 

I do not need to detox (LOL) because I have a liver for that and so do you. ;)

I did NOT eat “bad”. 

I had a great weekend with the people that I love!  How was your weekend? What can you focus on instead of the food?  The food is meant to be a vehicle and way that we get energy to LIVE OUR LIVES TO THE FULLEST!  Food is not meant to restrict us, define our morality, or bring us shame or guilt.  That is not of the Lord.  He is of freedom.  “Healthy living” does NOT equate to Christianity or good morality. Healthy living is a life where you live in freedom and care for yourself and others in love, not in motivation of shame, guilt, or judgement. 

P.S.  Almost forgot to mention, we tried the iconic Levain Bakery and tried all 4 of the cookies (yes, you better believe three gals ate 4 of these cookies in one day!!).  These cookies are definitely worth it! If you are in NYC, you’ve got to try them! 

Devouring the Levain cookies :) My personal favorite was the chocolate chocolate chunk.

Devouring the Levain cookies :) My personal favorite was the chocolate chocolate chunk.