Weekend Recap: Eating with an Eating Disorder Dietitian for a Weekend

This weekend, one of my really good friends, Abbie, came to visit me in Austin.  She also happens to be a Registered Dietitian who works in the eating disorder field! We became friends through mutual connections and Instagram which is pretty funny and cool.  When we met the first time, we knew we would be forever friends.  We immediately connected over our the similarities in our own stories and struggles.  I love her so much and am so grateful for our friendship!

The irony is when I was beginning recovery and in treatment at Center for Discovery Houston, I did not like it at first (not a shocker there as most clients do).  I wanted to get out of there.  Now, I'm best friends with someone (Abbie) who works there (she started working there after I had already finished treatment for a while).  I love spending time with her and a lot of my friends are RDs in the eating disorder field.  I was thinking an appropriate yet funny title is "I eat with an Eating Disorder Dietitian for a weekend" because that is definitely a title I would have never imagined I’d write three years ago.  That would have been my eating disorder's worst nightmare but thank goodness for recovery, am I right?? Now, it's a pure dream!  A great one!

Anyway, here is a little recap and thoughts throughout our weekend. 


JPEG image-BDAD39561365-25.jpeg

Abbie arrived around 4pm and after settling down for a little bit and putting everything in my apartment, we headed to Core Power Yoga! 

Yoga has been a big part of my recovery journey and especially in my journey with exercise.  I've found it to be absolutely amazing in helping me to be more aware of my body and the way that it feels.  Before recovery, I would mindlessly run on the treadmill and feel deep sadness in my heart.  That makes me sad to think about.  If that's you, I challenge you to pause before you get on the treadmill and go for that run or workout and think through the motive.  You don't need to rely on a workout to feel satisfaction in your day.  I challenge you to take a break from that exercise.

You don't need to rely on a workout to feel satisfaction in your day..png

So, Abbie and I went to a class at Core Power. Yoga  I loved it!  I've really been thinking about having a membership there because they have a great variety of classes and beautiful amenities.  Plus, if you clean the bathroom/studio once a week, you get a discount I think!  Yes please!

“Think through the motive of your workout!”

Post yoga!

Post yoga!

After yoga, we weren't hungry for dinner yet so we went on a walk to talk some more before dinner.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  This is something that I'm noticing just now but there were a lot of runners on the trail.  Before my recovery process with food and exercise, I would feel so triggered when I saw people run.  It made me feel the incredibly hard to ignore my own desire to run.  Yet, on this walk, I did not feel that at all.  I saw people run by a lot and yet I had no desire to join them.  I was present with my friend.  I did not feel bad that I was not running.  I was so happy with where I was.  I was present.  I was enjoying the conversation with Abbie and the beauty around me.  Yay for progress!  Please know that if I can have that, you can too!

JPEG image-BDAD39561365-20.jpeg

After our walk and talk, we headed to dinner at Fresa's—one of my favorite places in Austin.  My favorite food of all time is Mexican food.  Tacos hardly ever don't sound good to me.  We waited for quite a bit before our table was ready and just chatted and made an Instagram video.  Then, our table was ready!

JPEG image-BDAD39561365-19.jpeg

We ordered chips and salsa to start.

Then, I got the Power Bol.  I'm all about tacos, but this sounded so delicious!  It was super filling + satisfying and filled with all kinds of goodness.  Before, I might have based my menu decision off of what was "safest" or "healthiest".  However, I've learned to listen to what my body wants without judgment.  I'm not perfect at it, but it's made food so much more satisfying and enjoyable.  If you don't order what you want, you'll keep thinking about it!  That's no fun. That just clogs up more brain space that could be used for other things!  Oh ya, Abbie got some delicious tacos.  I'm so happy food is neutral!  It can be like that for you, too! 

Carbs, fat, protein, fiber…gangs all here! :)

Carbs, fat, protein, fiber…gangs all here! :)

After dinner, our bellies were full and we headed back to my apartment to shower and watch some TV.  Abbie and I both love to end the night with some Netflix.  It really helps me to slow down and settle my brain.  It helps slow my sometimes racing thoughts while I just focus on the story in front of my screen.  We watched for a little bit then chatted then headed to bed!


It was a little cloudy and I could tell rain was on the verge of coming.  We had breakfast at home then headed to Greater Goods Coffee Roasters!

JPEG image-BDAD39561365-17.jpeg

This place is so aesthetically pleasing and calming.  As the rain soon pitter pattered on the windows, we watched it through the long windows as we sipped our warm, coffee drinks.  Abbie said that her and her husband often take Saturdays to spend time reading the Bible and drinking coffee and chatting.  That sounded amazing so we did just that!  It was so needed and nice to just be still and spend time reading the Word of God and be still with Him.  Reading the Bible (the only Truth I believe) and praying/talking with God has been a vital part of my recovery.  I would not be recovered without Jesus.  He gives me purpose and hope and heals me.

 I read a little and journaled then read this devotional that I've been doing every so often.  It's through the Bible YouVersion app and it's called Food Is Not the Enemy. You can read it here!


After coffee and some Bible reading, we headed to Melody's dance class!  Y'all, this class is a blast!! I grew up dancing and miss it so this class gets my dance juices flowing!  Melody is super empowering and all about moving your body for fun, not punishment, and not looking at the scale!  Heck ya!!

After dance, we headed to Blenders and Bowls to get acai! My favorite!! I got the Nutty by Nature because I personally feel like I need some sort of nut butter in acai bowls to feel good after.  For me, I really like having that protein and fat with all the fruit to help me feel more satisfied.  I've added nut butter to a fruit bowl before but it's actually more expensive since it's extra for nut butter (kinda like avocado at Chipotle haha) BUT the Nutty by Nature comes with almond butter in it that's not extra so it's kinda like…a hack.  ;) I've learned what my body likes best in this acai situation by just trying out different acai bowls that sound good.  This one has been my most satisfying one thus far.  Sometimes I'll get other ones to mix it up but this one is def my go-to.  Abbie got the Sesher that has chocolate almond milk in it and it looked divine!

The toppings (granola!!) are my favorite part!

The toppings (granola!!) are my favorite part!

After our bowls, we both agreed that we were pretty tired after all the movement so we decided to go home and shower and just chill.

Before recovery, it was really hard for me to be okay with just relaxing but it was so nice to just be.  We sat on the couch and watched Netflix and talked and just chilled for the rest of the day. Recovery has taught me that resting is not “bad”. It is an important part of life and, when embraced, brings more than you might think. This rest brought me closer to my friend, Abbie, and introduced me to a new show!

Snacking + Netflix!

Snacking + Netflix!

You don't have to always be productive.  Your body will thank you for the rest you give it!

We wanted to save money so we decided to make dinner.  I hadn't gone to the store for the week yet so I had a random assortment of groceries left.  After having to throw away my frozen sweet potato fries because they had somehow gotten defrosted (rip), we landed on some sautéed chicken cooked in some oil and goodness, veggies, and rice!  We had some yummy and satisfying bowls and watched that cheesy, new Noah Centino movie. 

Winna winna chicken dinna? Rice, veggies, and chicken sautéed up in oils!

Winna winna chicken dinna? Rice, veggies, and chicken sautéed up in oils!

Then, around 9pm, we were tired of watching Netflix.   It was too early to go to bed (we weren't that tired yet) but it was too late to go most places so we decided to do a little pampering and paint our nails and chat.


We woke up and ate breakfast at home then headed to church at 9am.  On the way, we went to Epoch for some coffee goodness.  Abbie loves her some dark + plain coffee while I love me some lattes and sweet coffee drinks.  There's no better or worse, healthy or unhealthy.  There just is. Get what you like!  Before recovery, I relied on what others ordered to see what I could allow myself to have, but now, I order what I like! I don’t have to follow what anyone else orders. Neither do you! After our drinks, we headed to church. 

JPEG image-BDAD39561365-7.jpeg

The message at church was about the Lord's prayer and how we need to acknowledge God is our Father AND above us before we pray to Him.  It's not that He won't listen if we don't do this but it's so important to remember WHO we are praying to. He is our Father AND He is holy.

JPEG image-BDAD39561365-6.jpeg

After church, Abbie headed back to Houston!

How was your weekend?  I hope you enjoyed it.  Whether you were with friends or had a chill weekend to yourself, remember to listen to YOUR body and care for yourself.  THAT is something you can take into your week, too!