Finding My Own Style by Almost It Girl, Autumn Sanders

Hey golden gals! My friend Autumn, from Almost It Girl, is guest posting today! She talks about finding her own style, confidence, and how that has set her free! Enjoy! :)

Style has always been something I’ve held near and dear to my heart. From watching my mom pick out outfits for work to binge-watching episode of Project Runway I’ve always admired well-dressed people.


But like any young girl growing up in the age of social media, eventually I started to second guess the way I dressed. I’d always been pretty girly, a big fan of dresses, pink and makeup, however I was made to feel like that wasn’t “cool.” In the early 2000s the grunge look was all the rage, and I felt like I had to change the way I looked to fit in.

 eventually I started to second guess the way I dressed…I felt like I had to change the way I looked to fit in.

So sadly, I did. I put away the things I was truly into and picked up what everyone else was wearing. I kept thinking this would make me feel cooler, and I’d have more friends. But you know what? It was the exact opposite. It’s almost like people could sense that I wasn’t being authentic.


I went on like this for a bit, trying to convince myself that if I just kept believing that this is who I was then one day I’d believe it.  Not likely. Eventually my mom pulled me to the side and gave me this bit of advice.


“Autumn, you’re not going to be good at being anyone but yourself. The best thing to do is just that.”


Let me tell you that bit of advice rocked my world. Not immediately of course, because I’ve always been stubborn but eventually I saw the wisdom in her ways. So, I tossed my black eyeliner to the side and picked back up my skirts.


Though I still struggle sometimes with comparison, these past couple of years I’ve still felt more myself than ever. That’s partly because I’ve chosen to surround myself with people who build me up and support me completely.


So now that you know my story, I want to leave you with a bit of advice. Finding your style doesn’t come over night and it will come with some trial and error. But as long as you’re doing you, then you’re on the right track.



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