The Vulnerability Challenge

I'm not sure why or how it started but we, as humans, have an obsession with our bodies.  Of course we do.  Our bodies are amazing, mind-blowing creations given to us by God.  They are meant to be appreciated and loved.  However, when searching for gratification and approval, many times we as humans go to our bodies.

They are meant to be appreciated and loved. However, when searching for gratification and approval, many times we as humans go to our bodies..png

When I go on Instagram it’s hard not to be bombarded by bodies.  I mean we post them all the time, right? In the summer especially, if I had a dime for every time I saw a "oh-look-my-abs" picture I would be able to pay for a semester of college...well, maybe I'm exaggerating but you know what I mean.  When I see these pictures, I do not think, "Wow, what an amazing person.  I am so impressed and I want to be their friend."  My reaction is more like okay...good for you...whatever.  This reaction is not what the person probably intended.

So, why is it that I do the same thing when I know I will not receive the reaction I crave?  I talk about those posts that seem to be seeking gratification, but yet I find myself searching for a filter that makes me look the best and brainstorming a caption that would garner the most likes and approval.  It is the times when I see a spark of vulnerability, realness, and honesty in a post that I really gain a greater respect for the person.  As humans, we crave vulnerability.  It makes us feel not so alone.  It unites us.  So, why are we so afraid to show vulnerability?


So, why are we so afraid to show vulnerability?

Many's scary, dangerous, risky, personal, private, intimate, and against the grain.  While God gave us our bodies, He also gave us our words and each other.  We have the amazing capability to connect to millions of people through the medium of Instagram alone.  What if we used it for more than approval and gratification?

I know for me personally, I love people so I struggle with people-pleasing and furthermore looking to people for gratification and approval.  When I go on Instagram, I am many times in some way looking to be reaffirmed or denied.  The picture I see can even have the power over my mood.

So, while our bodies should be loved and appreciated and definitely not ashamed, why must we need to flaunt our post workout selfies or ripped abs?  Rather than looking to prove oneself or seek gratification, I challenge you to approach social media with the purpose of connection and vulnerability.  This is scary and difficult, but it is something that I believe is vital for our well-being.  I am going to take the vulnerability challenge...will you?