This is Why It's Okay if You Don't Have it All Figured Out

"What do you want to do after college?" "Where do you want to go to high school?"

"What do you want to do with your major?"

Sound familiar?

There are certain seasons in life where these questions are more common.  Graduating from high school, college, or deciding on college majors can do that.  These questions can cause us to fret or worry.  What am I doing?  What do I actually want to do?  I should have made that decision like yesterday.  What if this is the wrong decision?  What if I mess this up?  Are they judging me for this?  I'm so behind.

Yes, there are certain rhythms in life, but each person has their own song.

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Sometimes, your best friend gets her dream job meanwhile you're testing out the waters to see what you want to do.  Sometimes you are the only one who seems to know what you want and you feel alone in that.  Nothing is wrong or right about either.  It's just different.  The experiences that you are going through are helping to shape and prepare you for that next season.

If we got everything that we dreamed of the second we desired it, we wouldn't be very exciting and diverse people.  We might even stop dreaming.  Because, if you always get what you want, dreaming is not so exciting anymore. 38A7ECD0-33BB-48C9-AFC1-2B6549D324E0.jpg

I challenge you to look at your waiting or uncertainty as a chance to grow.  One day, you'll be in a different season and look back on this time with gratefulness.  Why not enjoy and appreciate the now?

Your mindset in harder seasons of life is a direct correlation to your hope for tomorrow.  Do you truly believe there are different seasons?  Do you believe that the season you are in currently won't last forever?  Reminding yourself of those truths may help you to better appreciate your current season.

Your mindset in harder seasons of life is a direct correlation to your hope for tomorrow..pngPersonally, I know that I won't be a senior in college ever again.

On one hand, I could spend my time fretting about the future--what job will I get?  Will I find housing and roommates?  Will I be able to make enough money for rent?  

OR I can enjoy this season--the only time that I will ever be a senior in college.  Yes, there is a time to plan for the future and obviously steps I am taking and will take for my future BUT it's okay that I don't have a job lined up.  It's okay that I don't know where I am going to live.  I don't have to let those details cloud my joy meter right now.

And it's okay for you, too.

Right now, I get to experience this season of job searching. I get to grow and learn all that I can as a college senior.  I don't have kids at home waiting for me at home.  I don't have other responsibilities that future seasons may have.  I am in a season where I can search and explore and ask that God would lead me in the midst of that search.

I don't have to know it all.  In fact, I don't think I will ever know my future.  Perhaps right now it's just more evident.  I can't answer those common questions that I mentioned in the beginning ("What are you doing with your life, Sarah?"), but I can start now by choosing to learn and live in the midst of mixed emotions, trust in the midst of uncertainty, and have a grateful heart in the midst of doubt.  Those are pretty rad lessons for life if you ask me.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetSo, what season are you in right now?  Is a season of certainty or of doubt?  Are you joyful in the midst of this season?  What can you tangibly choose to help change that?

Maybe it's the courage to share with a friend how you are feeling or maybe it's the courage to hit "submit" on that job application or maybe it's the courage to say, "I don't know yet" to a future-related question.

The future is not on you.  Time will go on no matter what your attitude is.  Why not let yourself be hopeful and present?