Dear Christian, Please Stop Using Scripture to Promote Diet Culture

Tonight, I sit in my living room, typing away on my keyboard with my heart pitter-pattering with protection, love, and compassion.  I'm feeling this way because I've heard too many people (including myself) who have felt less than because of their body and food choices due to words that have been voiced by well-meaning believers of Jesus. One of the biggest passions in my heart is to be apart of bridging the gap between Christianity and mental health.  Anyway...

My friend Abbie and I made a podcast episode discussing the topic of Christianity + the idea of what gluttony actually is versus how it is portrayed often by the church that you can listen to here.


Both of us had an experience growing up in Christian environments where we felt that we needed to "be healthier", "workout more", and "eat better" to be more glorifying to God.  We even heard many messages using the verse, "Your body is a temple" (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).  BUT, what we didn't often hear was the fact that, in context, that verse is not even about our physical body.  It is about being a "temple of the HOLY SPIRIT".  You see, it isn't "take care of your body so workout blah blah blah", it's "The Holy Spirit is in you!".  And BECAUSE OF the fact that the Holy Spirit is in you, you are made perfect in His sight.  God sees His Son and His righteousness when He looks at YOU!  So, that's even MORE of a reason that you DO NOT have to "be healthier", "workout more", or "eat better" to be loved by God.  You do NOT have to earn Jesus's love.  Jesus NEVER told us to be so overly concerned with our bodies. 

Jesus NEVER told us to be so overly concerned with our bodies..pngThe other week I was in a bookstore and I saw a book about "The Daniel Fast" that was promising "weight loss".  I wanted to rip it up right then and there!  Pause with me for a second.  People are using Scripture and spiritual practices to promote diet culture, consumerism, and body shaming...great!  What would Jesus say if He were physically on earth to see that?  Using His words to tell His people they aren't enough, that they need to change the number of gravity toward them (their weight), and that they need to "not eat that because it's bad"?? UMM MARK 7:1-23 READ THAT!! AMEN!

Can you tell I'm passionate about this y'all?  LOL!

I wholeheartedly believe that if Jesus were walking around earth today, He would be EMPOWERING WOMEN to live for HIM and NOT to WASTE their life worrying about how "godly" their food choices are.  {TRUTH BOMB: no food choice is better than another or "godly".}  Also, know that I am not perfect nor am I calling myself that and am preaching to myself, too.  We all need to be reminded of this truth. Jesus NEVER told us to be so overly concerned with our bodies. (1).png Fun fact: Jesus was called a glutton in the Bible (Matthew 11:19, Luke 7:34).  Think of all the times we read about Him "breaking bread" (BREAD PEOPLE YA JESUS BROKE CARBS AND ATE THEM!!) with people and going to their houses to share a meal.

Jesus NEVER told us to be so overly concerned with our bodies. (2).png

Nourish YOUR SOUL and YOUR BODY because Jesus loves you and He died for you to live ABUNDANTLY (John 10:10).

Jesus NEVER told us to be so overly concerned with our bodies. (3).png

Isn't it hard to do things like life when you're hungry?  Lacking energy because your body needs more food and/or food groups?

I imagine Jesus next to me saying, "Darling, I created you for a purpose GREATER THAN counting your calories, shaming yourself for your food choices, over-exercising to try and achieve, or purging your food.  I love you no matter what you ate today, last year, or your whole life.  I created you for a purpose that EXCEEDS the size of your clothes or the way you "measure up" to the people around you.  I created you for the way that you would glorify Me just as you are."

Doesn't that sound more like Jesus?8145AEE2-B1F2-441B-9B7E-C72FCCB0D017.JPG

I mean, if we really think about it, does this sound accurate, "Hey, I love you unconditionally and died for you, but I'm going to need you to stop eating this food that I provided for you because culture says that's bad.  Also, would you mind working out more?  Your roommate works out way more than you do."  Nope, that does not sound like Jesus.  That sounds like LIES.  ESPECIALLY because Jesus said, "DO NOT CONFORM to the patterns of this world (Romans 12:2)".  Last time I checked, diet culture was a pattern of this world, so let's not conform to that!  Let's embrace EVERY body and EVERY food as a BLESSING FROM GOD.

Let's embrace EVERY body and EVERY food as a BLESSING FROM GOD.

Of all the people who would be preaching food FREEDOM, body acceptance, and health at every size, it would make sense for it to be Christians.  Since we do claim to have a Savior who we believe loved us so much that He died for us and we DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING TO EARN THAT LOVE (which includes any food choice or body size)!!

4AEE0D7C-E16D-4016-A743-0DDD85D95F36.JPGWho's with me??  No matter what you believe, I hope you seek to pursue this abundant life.  I hope those of y'all who don't believe in Jesus know that I am not trying to exclude anyone.  Rather, I just wanted to call out my Christian friends as I grew up in that environment that was sometimes damaging.  I love you all!

I hope this encourages you in the truth that you do not have to do anything to earn God's love.  He has enclosed you behind and He loves you unconditionally, wildly, and recklessly.  Like loved.  Live like you are golden...because you are. :)