The Doctor Told Me My Worth or my Weight?

"You're _____ lb." That's it.

Excuse me, no I'm not.  I'm not ____ lb.  I'm Sarah.  I'm a 22-year-old student who is passionate about encouraging others and building friendships.  I love movies and laughing at funny tv shows.  I love the smell of coffee shops.  I'm not ticklish on my feet for some reason.  I'm passionate, driven, a dreamer.  I'm a daughter of the King!!  I'm loved.  The Creator of the world died for me.  He loves me unconditionally REGARDLESS of my weight.  His Word says, "Man looks at the external but God looks at the heart".

Jesus loves you unconditionally REGARDLESS of your weight. (5).png


It rolls through my brain.


Make it stop.

Child of THE KING LB.

There are NO LB IN HEAVEN.

So, whether you know your weight or not or have been told you are _____lb, know that you are NOT your weight.

Darling, you are golden and no number can diminish that.amy-shamblen-651683-unsplash.jpg