What If I Don't Like The Way I Look?

I've experienced this many times before and have very recently in the past couple days.  I look at my body and I don't feel great about it.  I feel almost anxious and saddened.  Worrying that my body isn't "good enough" etc.  You see, while I will incessantly advocate for body positivity and acceptance, that doesn't mean I feel 100% confident every day. Just the other day, I was having a more negative self-talk kind of day and was, thankfully, reminded of the core statements that bring my mind back to truth.

Changing my body won't change those negative body image days.  When I was at my lowest weight, so much so that I was dying, I still had those negative body image days.  My body should never be at that physical place that it was and yet, when I was there, I still wasn't 100% satisfied every day.  This shows me that ~no matter what I try and do~ I cannot change those days.  They come.  And that's okay.  The difference in mindset comes when I choose to acknowledge those feelings, recognize the deeper issues, and move on.  Feed myself, show myself love, serve others, and move on.Changing my body won't change those negative body image days..png

Identity.  It really isn't about my body.  There's something deeper than that.  I, in this instance from the other day, recognized that I've been stressed and anxious about a couple situations.  I think that is a main cause of why my mind is acting out against my body in a negative way.  Journaling about my thoughts and being honest as I pray to God are what I truly need in that moment.It really isn't about my body..png

The ironic thing is that the very people whom society and culture claims are the beauty standard also are insecure.  There isn't one person on this earth that has felt 100% confident every single day of their life.  Ya, that's right.  Not even that celebrity that you stare at on the cover of ___ magazine as you check out at the grocery store thinking, "How does her body look like that?".  {Guess what?  It doesn't.  One word: photoshop.}

garagesale (2).pngAdditionally, those people that are idolized for their body are not living the "it/desirable" life, no matter how much it may seem that way.  Doesn't that sound pressure filled and shallow to have your whole life relying on the way that your body looks?  I want more to my life than that.  I want to live an abundant life (John 10:10) that I can enjoy--not one where I have to micromanage everything...because that truly isn't living.

I hope these reminders encourage you of your worth and remind you of the truth that you do not need to change your body.  Stop.   Pause.  Take a deep breath.   You've got this!  You were created ~just~ the way you are with a purpose.  Breathe that in.  Remember your worth is not found in your body and those who judge based off of that aren't people you should worry about pleasing anyway.  Please, darling, embrace who you are.  It's beautiful.i love our story. sure it's messy, but it's the story that got us here..png