Why is "skinny" a compliment?

Have you ever noticed how calling someone skinny is perceived as a compliment?  My question is why.  It makes no sense.  Every single person has their own genetics.  Fun fact: We can't change em.  If we tried, we would seriously endanger our health (trust me, I know).

Every single one of us has our own body type.  It's actually really cool and beautiful because we all are our own kind of beautiful.  (It would be nice if society and media would continue to recognize that.)  I know I've said it before but, could you imagine if we all had the same body--like the exact same?  HOW BORING.  HOW WEIRD.  Life is so much more exciting and beautiful in our own uniqueness.

I hear people calling out "skinny compliments" A LOT.  I don't think people mean any harm at all--I think they mean the opposite.  However, I still believe that there needs to be a change.

Next time, you find yourself wanting to say a "skinny compliment", remember the person is beautiful, and that beauty is not found in their body type or the body type you think they wish they had.  That person has values, passions, and dreams that mean so much more than the exterior appearance.

There is no body type that is better than another.  There is health at every size.

Embracing our body in the way it is created is the healthiest way to live.  Listening to our body, loving it, thanking it for what it brings us through each day, thinking about the values that we hold in our body--these are all ways to live healthfully.

Despite what has been in the news lately and flaunted by celebs, you are beautiful just the way you are. When you are living your life to the full with joy and freedom then that is where you are thriving and healthy. If you are restricting your body of food and living chained to the idea of "being skinny", know that it doesn't have to be that way. There is a MUCH better way to live. I believe that if each of us embraces who we are and the way our body is when we are living in freedom, then the idea will catch on! Let's have more of that freedom in the news than food and body shame.

Maybe you have a body type that society praises.  Maybe you have a body type that society sometimes doesn't praise.  But NO MATTER WHAT society says about you, you are beautiful.  You are golden.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

You don't need society or other people to approve of the body you have been blessed with.  You rock.


Here is a great blog that my favorite blogger, Immaeatthat, wrote: http://immaeatthat.com/2017/10/17/specific-ideas-for-how-to-feel-at-home-in-your-body/