When the Poop Hits the Fan

You know those days when the struuggleeee is reaalll?? nikko-macaspac-263785


Like, this sucks.

I've been there.

Sometimes the poop hits the fan and life is really overwhelming and unexpected.  Leaving you like this:


It's easy to feel confused, mad, and sad in those moments...which is totally understandable and normal and apart of the process...but, how do we move toward a more positive outlook in those moments?

And then, you're just like, "okay now what"?

First, take a deep breath.

Second, seek perspective. Is it really as big of a deal that your thoughts are telling you it is?

Coping skills.  Maybe the name seems too therapy-esque for you, but I loveee it.  Some coping skills or self-care activities that I do are prayer, journaling, coloring :), Netflix, listening to music, talking with friends, and drawing.  Doing this helps to divert my attention from the problem to something else.

Then, I process it with journaling and prayer if I haven't already.  Most often, at this point, I realize that my problem/situation has a) another solution or b) is not the end of the world/not as big of a deal than it seemed initially.

How do you cope in times when things are overwhelming and the poop hits the fan?