Perspective of Beauty + Exploring Houston


I have lived in Houston the majority of my life; however, I don't think of it being a city with a lot to do.  I guess I'm just so used to it.  But, I had a friend visit me a couple months ago and, of course, I wanted to show her all around Houston. I find that when I have friends come to visit, all of a sudden, the things that once seemed so normal are more exciting.   Perhaps it is who it's shared with and perhaps it's a grand new perspective.


That's a word I've been thinking about recently.

One of the places I took my friend to was the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.  I don't go too often (except for when one of the exhibits goes viral on insta let's be honest...) but we both loveee fancy dresses (and the arts of course;)) so naturally we decided to go.

The Museum was having a special exhibit for Oscar De La Renta, the infamous fashion designer who created beautiful gowns that numerous celebrities have worn as they gracefully walked down the red carpet.  I, for one, absolutely love fancy dresses. I have a Pinterest Board titled Fancy Dresses.  No lie.  They are fun to look at, fun to try on for no reason, and they seem just as fun to wear (except for the whole bathroom situation).

As my friend and I were walking through the exhibit, I heard many comments about the various dresses...some people commented on their love for a dress while others commented on their distaste.   One thing is clear: every person has their own perspective of beauty.

When I was younger, my sister and I would look at the American Girl Magazine (oh my childhood) and quickly pick our favorite outfits as we turned the page.  Most often, we had different favorites.

You see, beauty is not one kind of dress.  It's not one kind of body.  It's not one kind of person.  There is no answer to beauty.

Beauty is subjective.  Beauty is everywhere.

This dress was my absolute favorite in the exhibit.  I snapped the shot with my new camera...I love the long train and the way the light bounces off the gown.

My friend had another favorite.  Fact: our favorites were different.  Another fact: neither of us are wrong.

So, next time you find yourself listening to the voice of society or another person telling you what beauty is, remember that that is their opinion, and it does not mean that you are not beautiful.

I struggle with comparison to others and I find remembering the bias of perspective helps shift my thoughts from negative to positive.

For example:  I see a magazine.

The girl looks perfect.  Wow, people are right.  That body is perfect and I don't have it.

Truth: That is photoshop.

Another truth: she is beautiful.  I am beautiful.  She is not the standard for beauty.  There is no comparison.