Do you ever feel like someone else has something perfect that you are insecure about? I have.  I do.

I talked about it a little in a previous post, but one of my insecurities is my stomach.  Sometimes, I notice someone else's and think, "Wow, their stomach is perfect.  I wish I could have a stomach like that."  BUT, you know what??  I bet that same person has felt insecure about THEIR stomach at some point.  I doubt they feel they are perfect.

I bet that same person has felt insecure about THEIR stomach at some point. I doubt they feel they are perfect. (1)

Here's a real life example: I have always loved my friend's eyebrows...hehe random I know, but she plucks them herself and they look AMAZING!

The other day, I told her that and she said, "oh, thanks!!  I was looking at YOUR eyebrows the other day and noticing how beautiful and full they are and how I sometimes wish I had eyebrows like that.  But, I like mine on my face, but I have thought that before!"

I said, "Really??  Wow, that means a lot to me!  I sometimes feel they are too full."

So, there you go!  I thought my eyebrows were less than, but the very person whom I admired and compared to admired my eyebrows as well!

My beautiful friend, Katie, and I--both with our beautiful eyebrows ;)

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I was talking about this idea of body comparison with two really great friends last weekend (they were visiting from CA//I will post about that soon!).  We all agreed that it is all about perspective!

Perhaps, others don't notice our insecurities like we think they do.

Instead of letting those little guys/insecurities steal our joy, why not let them be part of our beauty??

Imagine how much more powerful and empowered we would feel??

You know that stage in life where you want to rebel against your parents just because it's fun?  Think about it in that way...but better!  For example:

Society tells me I should only eat ____ and look like ________ ?? HAHA forget that!  I am made this way!  I am beautiful!  I should NOT have to feel ashamed or embarrassed because of this part of me!!  I will embrace this part of me and show it to the world!  I am beautifully made (Psalm 139), died for (Romans 5:8), and redeemed (Luke 1:68)!

And, telling me that I can't eat certain things because it's "bad"??  What the heck??  I am a free woman who can eat all foods in balance, moderation, and variety.  This food will not destroy me or make me any less of a person.  I should not have to feel bad because of a food choice!

I am a free woman who can eat all foods in balance, moderation, and variety. (1)

(side note: We are seeing an increase in women empowerment and I believe food and body should be included in that!)

You tell that lie: "I am created with purpose, parts of me that make me unique, and a life that is worth living.  I can make my own choices and I am uniquely beautiful me."

I am Golden.

That's just one example of how we can fight back against those lies we hear about our insecurities and our life.  It's not an easy choice, but it is oh so worth it, darling.

oh so worth it, dalring