Social Media is Deceiving

Do you ever look on social media to see something SO picture perfect, you just don't know how it's even possible?

The truth is, it's probably not.  It's probably edited and/or posed.  Nothing wrong with that, but it's important to keep in mind.

We all have our own "fairy godmother" called VSCO or the insta mayfair filter, you know what I'm saying?

Think about the thoughts that go through your head when you are posting something.  Then, think about the thoughts that go through your head when you are scrolling through your feed.  How do they compare?

We quickly forget how filtered and contemplative each post is.  When I am scrolling through my feed and land on a photo of someone that I begin to compare to, I am not thinking about how the person probably made sure just the right filter was chosen, how they may have taken multiple shots to get the picture she wanted, and probably mulled over the caption for a solid 30 minutes.  Nope, I think, "Wow, how DOES she do it?".

It's easy to forget that everyone else is probably doing the same thing.  It's like a cycle.  I'm not saying that we should, but imagine if we all just stopped using filters and posted random, perhaps not always so flattering pictures.  It would probably catch on.   But, because social media does not normally look like that, we feel the pressure (perhaps) to "perform" or post things that look like what we see on our own feeds.

Again, nothing wrong with posting on social media or using filters or wanting to post a flattering picture, I do it, too!  I'm just saying that maybe it would be helpful for us to at least remember that when we are scrolling through our feed.

Remember that no person is perfect.

Remember that filters and editing apps work magic and can make things appear different than what they seem (cue Wizards of Waverley Place theme song....everything is not what is sseemmssss)

Remember that social media is not necessarily the truth.   We don't know what that person struggles with or why they posted that picture or story.  We don't know what's really going on behind that candid smile.

Life is too short to belived counting the years.Enjoy the ride and makeam.png

Life is too short to belived counting the years.Enjoy the ride and makeam.png

Remember that everyone struggles.

For example, here's a picture I took with my new camera (not a phone so that's why the quality looks different...i wouldn't be able to take this with a phone).



Looks pretty picturesque, right?  Wow, that's such a perfect looking brunch.  How did she get her drinks to look so fancy like that?  I just had milk with my breakfast....that's not very fancy.  Those are thoughts that I would probably think if I were scrolling through, BUT


That brunch was a team effort of my two friends and I, it took a while, AND guess what??  Those "fancy" drinks are EMERGEN-C. Yep!  Emegen-c that you buy at CVS poured into plastic champagne glasses with water.  Super fancy, right? ;)

So, there's an example of where our mind goes vs. the actual reality.

I could post something like, "Amazing brunch with my best friends!"  And you would never know...



Emergen-C is all its splendor.

I encourage you to really think when you are scrolling through social media.  It's so easy for me to scroll through and before I know it, I've bad-talked myself like crazy and I feel less than.  BUT, if I really take my thoughts captive and say to myself, "Hey, wait a second...are these thoughts TRUTH?  Do I know these to be FACTS?"  I can close Instagram feeling much less defeated when I don't let it control my mind like that.