Last Weekend//Pursuing Freedom

Last week, I shared with you how I am learning to choose joy-filled experiences over an attempt to control my insecurities. I went home last weekend and it was one of those joy-filled experiences...WITHOUT my eating disorder...ya, it wasn't invited.  Sorry not sorry. ;)

I arrived home in Houston on Friday evening.  I listened to some music and podcasts on my 2+1/2 hour drive.

Friday night, I got some homework done so that I could enjoy the rest of my weekend without it hanging over me.  Of course, this was done with Parenthood in the background (ugh, so good!).  I enjoyed a nice home-cooked meal from mom (yay for spaghetti and meatballs!).


My brother got home around 11 or so and we all enjoyed some cupcakes from Oh La La, my favorite cupcake place in Houston (The Ultimate Chocolate one is my fav).

We caught up on life and talked about our weeks.

The next morning, my mom and I got up pretty early to speak at a Panhellenic Event with HAPA.  We got there around 8:30am for orientation (peep the official name tag)


We had a cute breakfast that some sweet older women in the Panhellenic alumni made for us.  Then, it was time for our first session at 10am.  My mom and I were leading the UT session--talking about the recruitment process and answering questions.

It was so fun speaking at the event...I LOVE public speaking...I've always liked it, but recently I have found it to be so much more life giving and freeing.  Turns out, when I'm not so chained to everyone else's opinions of me and how I look, it is a lot more fun. ;)

I didn't know I truly loved that until recovery.  I have recently found that I love taking charge and leading in this way.  I genuinely love public speaking and representing people.  When I was really sick with anorexia, I didn't know that.

There is so much freedom in saying no to the eating disorder and saying "yes" to things that bring actual joy like...


being PRESENT with family and friends


eating when others aren't and feeling confident in that

seeing my brother perform

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What steps can YOU take to move toward freedom and joy and away from a life based on fear?  How can you be present this week?