Humans of Needs


It's no secret that we all have needs.  Each of us, as humans, do.  Some have different ways in which those needs are met but we all have the same basic necessities.

Food, shelter, water, sleep, breathing...these are our basic needs.

Let's look at some other needs.  For example, self-esteem and purpose, love and belonging.  These are needs that we talk about alllll the timeee.  You see it on books in Barnes&Noble and on the morning talk show as the inspirational lady discusses her book entitled "10 Keys to Living a Purpose-Filled Life".

It's no secret that we obviously need these things as well.  We, as humans, were created with a need for relationships and belonging.

So, here's my question:  If you are struggling in the areas such as potential, goals, and relationships...are you meeting your basic needs?  Are you sleeping enough, eating enough, and drinking enough water?

It may seem trivial to ask, but the reality is that all of these needs are connected.  How can I figure out my potential if I am not fueling my body the way it NEEDS?

Personally, whenever I was at my sickest in anorexia, I had the most confusion around my self-esteem, potential, likes, and dislikes.  I didn't know who I was.  I was so consumed with thoughts of food (controlling it, when to exercise etc.) that my brain didn't have enough space to think about things like, "hey, is this fun?  Am I enjoying this?  What do I like to do?  Who am I?".

That being said, I have seen this idea of meeting basic needs in my own life.  As I have been in recovery from anorexia, I have noticed parts of myself that I had not noticed before.  As I listen to my body and feed it when it asks, I am also able to listen to it when it says, "NO THANK YOU!".  I have become a more decisive, secure person.

I was recently reflecting on this when I noticed how much happier I am.  Coming back to school this semester was scary for me because last time I returned for the spring was when I became the sickest.  However, THIS semester is different. :)  I still struggle, yes...BUT I am more free.  I am more like myself.  I am doing things that I enjoy that have nothing to do with exercise or controlling food.  I have discovered things about myself that I never, how I really love blogging :) and creating and encouraging others.

Now that I am making it a goal to get around at least 8 hours of sleep, eat according to what my nutritionist has said (since this is what recovery looks like for me right now), and drink enough water, I am able to focus on the other needs like, "What do I want to do this summer?" or "Would I enjoy going that?"  or "Is this relationship healthy?".

So, I encourage you to look at your own needs.  Are you meeting them?  Are you struggling in areas of relationships and potential?  Then, look at your basic needs.  Are you taking care for yourself?  Are you listening to yourself when you need a break.  Are you listening to yourself when you need a second or fourth helping?  Are you listening to yourself when you just need to shut off the phone and go to bed?

Your needs are valid.

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