Get Yourself a Mentor :)

When I first started my freshman year at Biola University, a professor quickly assigned us a project: Find a Mentor.  Um...I just moved across the country to California and barely even know my roommate--how am I supposed to find a mentor?  That was the inner dialogue that crossed my mind.  However, God has a way of making things happen even when we cannot see it. Two years later, He blessed me with an amazing mentor named Mary.  She had dealt with struggles that I was currently dealing with and God made our paths cross so that we could have the abundant blessings of fellowship and learning from each other.

Not only did He speak life and wisdom through her to me during a really hard time in my life, but He also gave us a place to understand.  Both of us were experiencing a time of extreme uncertainty and waiting.  We had absolutely no clue where we were going and what God was doing.

We studied God's word together, we cried together, we laughed together, we prayed together, we sat in the understood silence of struggle together.

Then, at our very last meeting, both of us knew where we were going.  Our prayer--one that we had absolutely no idea what the answer would be many months before--was answered for both us in our own way.  God had answered and He had shown us in His perfect timing.

So, friends, get yourself a mentor.  It may seem scary, vulnerable, and maybe even a little bit strange, but it is oh so worth it.

**Here are the studies we went through: "No other gods" by Kelly Minter and "1,2,3 John" by Kelly Minter