Fitting into Your Own Shoes

“How will I find the woman I met last night?  I must find who fits this glass slipper.  Then, I will know it is her.”  Prince Charming said oh so charmingly in the story we know oh so well.  He needs to find the woman with the perfect fit.  He doesn’t want a girl to cut off her toes to fit into the shoe like in the violent version of Cinderella (or maybe it’s the original?).  That wouldn’t make a happy couple.  He wants the woman who fits the shoe.

So often I can find myself comparing to other people.   I catch myself thinking that I did something “wrong” because it wasn’t what another person did.  I try to fit into someone else’s shoe. 

This shoe sometimes represents itself as a body type and other times it is a food choice at a restaurant and other times it is a statement made.  I don’t look like her so I need to change.  I didn’t order what she ordered so now I feel uncertain.  I didn’t say what she said so now I feel unsure.  These are all ways that I try to fit into someone else’s shoes.

Why do we base our own self-worth off of other people?  That’s just not fair.

Do you ever try to fit into a random person’s shoes and wear them all day?  No.  (well, maybe if you wear the same size;)) So why do we try to look like random people (like those common comments of “she is goals…”)?  Why do we try to base our choices off of random people (she ordered _____ so I should order ____)?

The truth is: you have your very own pair of shoes.

And, guess what, not every random person will be able to fit into your shoes.  Why?   Because they are yours, and not everyone wears the same size shoe.

Could you imagine if we expected that?  Only one size of shoes offered everywhere…it sounds like a bad version of Cinderella.  Thankfully, we all buy different sized shoes.

So, why do we feel the need to have the same body as the people around us or the photoshopped celebrity?  Why do we think our personality is weird because other people do not have our personality?

You know what, all that means is that we are unique.  WE are not going to have the same shoe size, same personality, same body type…and that’s…beautiful!!

As we begin this new year, think about ways that you can truly fit into your own shoes.  I mean, you can’t change your foot size (that would be really painful) and similarly, you can’t change your body size and personality without extreme pain and negativity…so don’t!  Embrace who you are.

And wear your shoes boldly.

You look amazing.