A New Kind of Resolution

Around new years we hear all sorts of talk about resolutions.  The majority of what is talked about and marketed toward are diets such as the socially accepted Whole30, Paleo, "clean eating", gluten-free etc.  However, I believe there is more to the new year than restricting.

During recovery, I learned from my nutritionist that dieting actually sets the body up for failure.  You can read more about it here (of course, if you have an actual, medical allergy that is different):





Rather than cutting out and restricting, I want to let freedom in.  I want to enjoy things this year without fearing what "it will do to me".  I want to be in the moment with people, not with negative food thoughts.  I want to do what is best for my body, not comparing to what others are doing around me.  I want to take care of my body, not restrict.   I want to feed my body, fuel my body, love my body, treat it with respect, and let it be a vessel to encourage others.

I encourage you to do the same.  To look at yourself and your life and accept where you are.  To live emboldened, empowered, and redeemed in the person you were created to be.  To accept that you aren't going to be that person you compare to or idealize.  To accept that you are your own person and to compare to others will not serve you positively.

I encourage you to think of small ways (like actual, tangible steps you can take) to embrace who you are.  For me, that means each day really accepting my feelings and what my body is telling me without judgement.  It means seeking to accept who God made me to be rather than comparing to others.  It means really truly believing that just because most people are making a choice, does not mean it is right for me.  How can you embrace yourself more fully in this new year?

Wouldn't it be amazing if we looked back on the year and saw the tangible ways we grew and gained things like friendships, love, experiences, and, hey, call me crazy but maybe even accepting weight gain rather than looking back at the things we sought to take away (diets, weight loss etc.)?

As my fellow blogger-friend, Hannah (here's her blog) said, "Here’s to not restricting, dieting, & body shaming - not now, not in 2018, & not ever - for us all!"